Never compromise on safety


We make no compromises where safety is concerned. Only top products of a perfect quality guarantee that no people are injured or machines damaged in case of operational malfunctions, collisions and other hazardous situations. The safety of your employees and machines is our motivation to always provide the best and most reliable clutches, couplings or brakes.

mayr ® power transmission holds numerous ground-breaking patents, and is the global market or technological leader for

  • Application-optimised safety brakes, for example for passenger elevators, stage technology and gravity loaded axes
  • Torque limiters to protect against expensive overload damage and production losses and
  • Backlash-free servo couplings.


The wide-ranging product portfolio for our renowned company also includes

  • Backlash-free shaft couplings
  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • High-quality DC drives.



Spraying Systems Co.

The world's leader in spray technology, Spraying Systems Co. designs and manufactures spray nozzles, air control nozzles, tank washers, accessories, spray systems and controls, and fabricated products such as spray headers and lances. Spray analysis, performance testing, prototyping and consulting services are also available.




Palmstiernas Mekaniska Verkstad AB

Palmstiernas Mekaniska Verkstad AB, PMV was founded in 1939. At the beginning the production was focused on live centres, engraving needles, dividing heads, handicap aid equipment, medical research instruments. In 1968 the company's first positioner was launched, P-1000, a linear positioner for air cylinders. In 1976 the company launched its first rotary positioner, P-1500, which still in production.

In 1986 the company changed name to Palmstiernas Instrument AB and in 1991 all focus was put on positioners and switchboxes.


Palmstiernas Today

Palmstierna International AB are part of Flowserve, a global leader in pumps, seals and Flow control. We develop, manufacture and market industrial valve positioners and switchboxes world-wide.

Our own development department with test facility where development work is conducted on a considerable scale.The approached market is the process industry.

Palmstierna International AB holds a certificate in conformity with ISO 9001, which guarantees a high product standard and dependable deliveries.The main part of PMV's output is exported to North America, Europe and Asia.



PMV's market is above all the process industry, most notably in the pulp and paper. Any type of process anywhere that calls for valves is a potential market for PMV.




As a leader in products for extreme conditions, the Omerin Group works hard every day to maintain its world leadership in the manufacture of special cables and wires for use between -190 °C and +1400 °C.

Stringent requirements, know-how, innovation, leading-edge technologies, investment in equipment and human resources have been our leitmotiv since 1959, helping us develop ever-more effective products that meet the needs of our customers.

Omerin operates via four "business units"

      • Electrical wires & cables and braided sleevings,
      • Flexible heating elements,
      • Sanitary and HVAC hoses,
      • Medical devices and primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Omerin employs 900 research specialists, engineers, qualified experts, production and administrative personnel, working with a passion for success, organised within a structure that provides flexibility and responsiveness.

Our head office and main production division ("division principale") are in Ambert, in Puy de Dôme (departement 63), France.

We operate 9 production sites:

     • 6 in France: Rhône-Alpes / Auvergne (42, 43, 63, 69),
     • 3 international: Tunisia, Spain and USA.

Our worldwide presence is ensured through 11 business development subsidiaries and sales offices in: UK, Germany, Singapore, Poland, China, India, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Turkey and Argentina.
Our commercial representatives all around the world work alongside the network of offices. Our expertise is recognized in over 120 countries.

The OMERIN Group competes directly with international groups and holds leadership positions on its markets :

      • The world’s leading manufacturer of silicone-insulated wires and cables
      • Europe’s leading manufacturer of glass-yarn braids,
      • France’s leading manufacturer of fire safety cables,
      • France's leading manufacturer of flexible heating elements.

Our wide range of products also extends to braided insulated sleevings, flexible heating elements, oven door seals, fireproof sleevings, thermocouple, extension and compensation cables, industrial braids, low pressure hoses, medical devices and primary pharmaceutical packaging.








Over 50 years of müller co-ax. A company having grown from the humblest of beginnings into the epitome of valve technology within the industry.

We are synonymous for innovation and individuality, for confidence and quality, for experience and reliability in valve technology. This is been the case since the beginning of our dynamic development and it will continue to stay that way.

More than 50 years of experience also brings responsibility with it, however: to our company, to what we have achieved with our employees and of course to our customers.












The Position and Motion Sensor Specialist

POSITAL is a manufacturer of sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. The company’s products, which include rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors, are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA Group. FRABA Group is a market-leading enterprise that makes use of advanced product design and manufacturing process to ensure that its customers enjoy the benefits of technology leadership, choice, product quality and competitive prices.








All the advantages of hydraulics working for you


Hydraulic cylinders by Storz-Hydrauliksysteme


It’s true, mechanical engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering.
And it is in this age-old field that you can expect something new from us.

High power transmission, very uniform and precise travel movements,
compaction that barely affects technical applications – you are aware of the advantages of hydraulics.
With Storz hydraulic cylinders, we make optimal use of these advantages And have been for more than 50 years.
Serving you in the industrial sector. Internationally. For clients all over the world.

We engineer and design in-house. And we manufacture products according to your plans.
What can you expect? Series-produced, standard and custom cylinders.
Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications. And: individually designed systems.
All this goes without saying? You’re right!

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